Club Kit

Our Grays online kit shop can be found here.

For any equipment purchases you can use the discount code A_MARLBOROUGH20 and you will get 20% equipment.

Our match shirts are customer made by Grays so need to be ordered through the club. Please fill in the Google form below to order one.

If you are playing senior hockey at MHC, you must be allocated a squad number before you order a playing shirt.

To get a Mens squad number please contact Will Hodge at
To get a Ladies squad number please contact Louisa Gostling at

Please fill in this Google form to place a shirt order

The shirts are ordered in batches and each shirt is made for you, delivery time is about 6-8 weeks.

Junior Hockey Only
For tournaments, the club will provide shirts, and players are not required to wear the club socks, shorts/skorts but they are available for purchase if you wish. If you would like to buy your own playing shirt you are free to select your own number.
Training gear including hoodies to match the senior club are also available from Grays.