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1. General

Senior Members are classed as 18yrs+
Junior members are Under 18 and as such must have a parent register and then register their child/children as members. This is to cover items such as medical information etc
Membership Subscriptions are detailed on the subscription page

** PARKING - There is limited parking at the pitches, if you do park at the pitches, you do so at your own risk.**

**Please read the Club Code of Conduct prior to registering**

For Junior membership
Please complete the whole form for yourself as a parent/guardian and then your child/children ensuring that the email addresses and phone numbers registered are ones that are used at weekends. Email will be the primary way for the club to get information to you swiftly i.e. cancellation of training due to weather. Please keep this email updated if changed.

When registering your child/children do check the table for the correct age groups.

Once you have registered, you will be sent an email to confirm your acceptance on the website. You will then be sent a payment request via the website once your child has been given a place. Should there be no spaces available then you will be accepted on the website but will not be sent a payment request. We will run a waiting list and you will be sent a payment request should a place become available.

Click here to register as an adult member or parent.